About Us

X994 was founded in 2016 by three longtime friends and entrepreneurs, who are experts in delivering software and data for ocean mapping and artificial intelligence. Our name is shorthand for the deepest known point in our oceans at 10,994 meters below sea level. We are building bridges between insular, ocean-related communities in academia, government and industry to collaborate and win the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE and NOAA Bonus Prize competitions.  Our participation in this audacious endeavor is only the beginning for X994.

Tech Information

The team is working to optimize robotic mapping of the ocean through advancements in software, AI, and data analytics.

About Team Leader

David Ryan is cofounder and CEO of Navigo, a software science and engineering firm, headquartered in Austin, Texas, that has delivered optimization and automation through new software to a breadth of industries for 21 years. Previously, he worked as a research and teaching assistant at the Center for Fuzzy Logic and Robotics in the Department of Computer Science and Department of Biomedical Engineering of Texas A&M University. Before that he worked as a research scientist within the Department of Nuclear Energy at Brookhaven National Laboratory. David is focused on how cross-disciplinary collaborations may uncover new discoveries that tell the story of why we should value our oceans.

Team Members

David Ryan, Matt Meyer, Ryan Thomas, Michael Kleeman, Scott Allen, Gary Nijak
Team Leader:
David Ryan
Austin, TX, United States

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