Tampa Deep-Sea X-plorers

About Us

The Tampa Deep-Sea X-plorers are an LLC registered in the state of Florida for the purpose of competing in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE. The LLC was founded by Edward Larson, an entrepreneur and private businessman who has had an active interest in deep sea autonomous vehicles for over 30 years. The Team seeks to harness the talents and resources of Central Florida's academic and business communities to design and build a viable solution to win the Competition. We are currently in the process of recruiting members for our Team. We have a need for expertise in mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer programming, but our emphasis is on learning and Team membership is open to anyone interested in learning the required skills.

Tech Information

The team is using existing technology and side scanning sonar on multiple AUVs to fully cover the large mapping area.

Team Members

Art Ianuzzi, Chuck Begian, David Meiller, Nung Bedell, Ben Um, Abhishek "Abbu" Shrivastava, Renier Oliva, Dexter Batista, Ian Blenke.
Team Leader:
Edward Larson
Tampa, FL, United States

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