About Us

We are ambitious Africans who want to bring ocean discovery to the masses. So, we have joined the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE to make this happen today! We also want to inspire Africans to take up our grand challenges and solve them. In 2004, we came together to as a group of young undergraduates (in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi – Ghana) to use our unique skills and talents to find innovative solutions to some of the challenges in developing economies, with particular focus on Africa. Over the years, we have trained ourselves to solve seemingly complex problems in Africa by looking at alternative scientific and engineering breakthroughs. Our main aim is to inspire, innovate, and breakdown long standing barriers to the frontiers of science and technology in Africa. Thus, we have taken the initiative in the grand challenge as an example for the rest of the continent to follow. Currently, OD-Africa is a 20-member all-African team (in Africa, and the diaspora). The diaspora team and senior members serve as advisors and mentors to the junior team Africa (student and graduate members on internship and passionate about democratizing ocean discovery), providing inspiration to innovate ground breaking solutions to grand challenges such as this Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE. We are on a mission! We want to:

  • To contribute to the democratization of ocean discovery
  • To establish an Ocean Discovery Institute in Africa
  • To inspire innovations and boldness amongst Africans

Ocean Discovery Africa is supported by Enyinam Technologies Limited and the University of Energy and Natural Resources.

Tech Information

The team is building intelligent low-cost modular AUV/ROV systems to democratize ocean discovery, using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to navigate and explore the ocean.

About Team Leader

Dr. Mark Amo-Boateng is an innovator, and a lecturer at the Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering of the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani – Ghana. His innovations include the Digital Turbine Energy System (for solid state energy generation) and the Amo-Boateng Optimization Algorithm (real-time large-scale optimization algorithm). He co-founded Enyinam Technologies Limited, a private research firm that focuses on developing the world’s first digital turbine for low-income communities. Although he has his background in Civil Engineering (from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi – Ghana) and Hydrology Forecasting (Hohai University, Nanjing – China), his interests include: high performance computing, artificial intelligence, real-time large-scale optimization algorithms, and future energy technologies. His passion for solving grand-challenges led him to this Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, where his team will build a very-low cost AUV to meet the competition requirements.
Team Leader:
Mark Amo-Boateng
Tema, Ghana

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