About Us

The Oceanzus team is a collection of like-minded individuals from multiple disciplines and backgrounds who have come together to tackle the challenge set forth by the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Competition. Oceanzus is comprised of industry experts with over 120 years combined ocean engineering. Oceanzus has at least 50 years of offshore survey experience, including seafloor mapping for NOAA, cable route surveys and search and rescue, 70 years of AUV design, development and testing experience. With extensive knowledge in system integration, deployments and data acquisition as well as full ocean depth engineering for exploration and specialized missions for defense projects and emergency response. At Oceanzus, we are leveraging our extensive domain knowledge in ocean technologies not only to solve the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition requirements, but also to advance the capabilities of ocean exploration across industry.

Tech Information

The team is creating a continuous operating platform that supports multiple survey assets to realize the mapping goal.

Team Members

Andrew Bird, Guy DeWardener, Leverett Bezanson, Edna Donoughe, John Irza, Peter Girguis & Michelle Estaphan Owen
Team Leader:
James Case
Durham, NH, United States

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