About Us

Team KUROSHIO was formed to take on the challenges and has started its preparations for the competition. We will take advantage of this exciting opportunity to actively participate in, compete with, and interact with global next-generation exploration communities, jointly with several Japanese organizations and businesses. We hope our effort will help us create an ocean-related community in Japan, and contribute to entering into new markets and revitalizing existing markets.

The team mainly consists of the four young researchers who have been engaged in research and development of underwater exploration robots. The team also has many expert members in underwater robotics research, engineering, marine operation, businesses, and promotion from several organizations based on joint R&D contract.

Tech Information

The team is integrating technologies owned by Japanese universities, institutes and companies for a unique collaborative approach centered around AUVs.

Team Members

JAMSTEC: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (7)

Takeshi Nakatani
Takeshi Ohki
Hidetoshi Fujimori
Yoshie Miyoshi
Masahiko Kamei
Masato Sugiyama
Takashi Okubo

IIS: The University of Tokyo (3)

Blair Thornton
Kazunori Nagano
Kotohiro Masuda

Kyutech.:Kyushu Institute of Technology (1)

Yuya Nishida

NMRI: National Maritime Research Institute (2)

Shogo Inaba
Saori Yokota

MES: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (3)

Kenji Nagahashi
Hitoshi Kakami
Masaya Katagiri

NME: Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd. (5)

Akihisa Ishikawa
Morifumi Takaesu
Mamoru Sano
Tohru Kodera
Jun Takao

KDDI research: KDDI Research, Inc. (2)

Junichi Kojima
Akihiko Nishitani

Team Leader:
Takeshi Nakatani
Yokosuka, 14, Japan

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