About Us

There is one last great exploration opportunity on this planet – the ocean floor.  Humans have an innate curiosity and desire around exploring, and we are no different!  We are a team of explorers who are looking for the next great discovery in the last truly mysterious place on this planet. Team Exocetus has grown from a small Connecticut-based company, Exocetus Autonomous Systems, that produces high efficiency underwater gliders.  When the XPRIZE Foundation announced the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, we knew right away that this was a competition for us!  We’re a team of engineers, entrepreneurs and adventure seekers with a vehicle capable of opening up the world’s oceans to us.

Tech Information

The team employs several low-cost underwater gliders equipped with side-scanning sonar to map for extended periods of time.

Team Members

Joe Turner
Greg Santos
Andy Roberts
Marcus Wilhelm
Alan Field
Bill Turner
Team Leader:
Joe Turner
Wallingford, CT, United States

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