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ENVIRODRONE LTD. (ENVD) is the sole Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE team from Canada, a global leader in drone technology, and a frontrunner among the twenty-five privately-funded teams from all over the world who are racing to develop AUVs for deepsea ocean exploration. The team focuses its efforts on furthering the development of its drone technology. Their drone development is led by Ryan Cant (Founder & CEO of EnviroDrone), who has contributed to the development of three (3) UAVs. ENVD operations are performed entirely by employees and student volunteers. The team consists of many professionals from various fields, including those outside of aerospace and scientific fields.


Founded in 2015 by a team of environmental scientists and remote sensing specialists, ENVD is driven by a mission to make scientific discoveries, support conservation, and galvanize action to protect the environment at large geographic scales. In addition to the Grand Prize, ENVD will be attempting to capture the NOAA Bonus Prize. ENVD Deepsea Autonomous Undersea System is most relevant to geoscience studies that are targeted at or close to the interface between the seabed and the water column. This is a critical interface, as it is a key physical habitat for benthic organisms as well as a zone of focused sediment transport and deposition. The ability to collect high-resolution data from this interface is essential, but technologically challenging in deepsea environments.

BEYOND Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

Apart from the aforementioned method of detecting of marine resources using acoustic sensors equipped on the SeaDevil, “electromagnetic survey,” “gravimetrical prospecting,” “magnetic prospecting,” and the like are required for resource detection activities. Furthermore, the development of fundamental tools aiming to provide biological and chemical sensors is in progress. ENVD believes timely, drone data will empower informed, deliberate and meaningful stewardship of our planet. ENVD seeks to cultivate the new small AUV industry with the knowledge and experience developed in this project.

Tech Information

ENVD is facing the challenges of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE and NOAA Bonus Prize with its unique AUV system, consisting of fixed-wing UAV “Tera” and a small air launched AUV “SeaDevil”. The AUV includes a tethered biological and chemical sensor, so the device can be towed into a suspected vent or column along the sea floor. The AUVs have been developed after many iterations of prototyping and testing UAVs and their components and peripherals.

The AUV' designs highlight the strengths of Canadian scientists and engineers: the miniaturization of complex machines and tight integration of electronics. A patent pending camera system on the SeaDevil enables it to capture high-resolution images. Data from the camera and other sensors will also be used by the AUV in Localization and Mapping to identify its surrounding environment and estimate its own position.

Team Members

Ryan CantShaohong Cheng
Rob CheyneXiang Chen
Richard ZengDavid Ting
Justine BarnesBiao Zhou
Carole Mrad​Kemal Tepe
Abhishek BhitaCierra Bray
Team Leader:
Ryan Cant
Windsor, ON, Canada

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