About Us

Eauligo is a water technology company based in France. We are an international team of engineers that specialize in water management and marine solutions. Our mission is to develop technology that makes a difference to people's lives and helps protect the environment.

As a team we are developing a new and exciting approach to deep water robotic systems that will drive down costs and open up ocean exploration. It is also an opportunity to involve our local schools, to share the excitement with young people, and galvanize a new generation of scientists and engineers.

Our goals for the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE are to do something different, try the impossible, explore the undiscovered, and have fun.

Tech Information

The team is developing miniature micro subs that mimic bees and their behavior to map and explore the deep ocean.

About Team Leader

Christopher Lewis is the founder and CEO of Eauligo.  Chris has twenty years of experience in electronics and embedded software systems. Before forming Eauligo Chris was a design manager and engineer creating silicon chips for telecommunications. He has a Masters in Engineering from Surrey University and a MBA from Southampton University. As well as the Team Leader, Chris is the Lead Architect for our solution.

Team Members

Christopher Lewis
Martina Bilkova
Bernard Trevisan
Team Leader:
Christopher Lewis
Nice, France

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