About Us

The deep sea is an unknown universe, full of fascination and adventure, but also vital for us humans. In the middle of this century, we will be 10 billion people on this planet, more than ever dependent on marine resources. We will need to be able to responsibly develop marine raw materials and at the same time protect the marine ecosystems. To explore this unique habitat in an affordable way and on a large scale, the ARGGONAUTS from Fraunhofer IOSB are developing a novel type of swarm of many unmanned underwater and surface vehicles. We rely on experience from former development of underwater vehicles, air drones and land robots and combine traditional solid German engineering and manufacturing skills with the creativity and momentum of a truly international development team.

Tech Information

The Team is creating a swarm of 12 intelligent deep-sea robot drones using insight gained through two previous projects.

Team Members

Name Country Represented
Gunnar Brink German
Tobias Höfler German
Patrizia Attar German
Tamas Mega Hungarian
Dayanand Dhumala Indian
Raef Mohamed Egyptian
Edwin Devassykutty Indian
Eduard Maydanik Ukrainian
Lora Barumova-Paluch Bulgarian & German
Thomas Rauschenbach German
Kathrin Gentner German
Helge Renkewitz German
Divas Karimanzira Senegalese
Ralph Schönfelder German
Sarah Wieners German
Nina Wlodarczyk German
Christopher Wetzel German
Team Leader:
Gunnar Brink
Karlsruhe, Germany

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