Nimb & SafeTrek Cover Photo

Nimb & SafeTrek

Los Altos, CA, United States

About Us

Things started when Nimb’s founder Leo found out that his female friend had been attacked while walking down the street. She had her phone and a pepper spray in her purse, but she had no time to reach them. The idea of a smart ring with a panic button was born on that day. It is the only device you can use with just one hand when you are in trouble.

Eventually, the founding team met Kathy, co-founder of Nimb and currently Head of Communications. Back in 2000, she was violently attacked by a stranger and was on the brink of death. She screamed, and that saved her life: a neighbor heard her and came to help. We wish such things never happened.
Nimb’s first product, the ring with a panic button, can be used to send emergency alerts to pre-set list of contacts, including friends and relatives, emergency services and members of the Nimb community nearby.

Nimb collaborates with SafeTrek to provide their customers an option to call for professional emergency services. The company was founded in response to rising concerns about safety on and off campus. Since launching three years ago, SafeTrek has handled over 40,000 emergencies and has become a professional provider of emergency response from customers to local official emergency services. Both teams work together to make the world a safer place.