Dec 14 2023

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Youth program equips next generation leaders with skills to tackle the biggest challenges facing society 

Los Angeles, CA (December 14, 2023) - XPRIZE, the world’s leader in designing and operating large-scale incentive competitions to solve humanity’s grand challenges, has successfully launched its XPRIZE Connect youth program. XPRIZE Connect comes at a crucial time as the world witnesses an unprecedented pace of change. Climate disruption, the digital divide, automation and AI are transforming job markets, and National Skills Coalition projections show that 92% of all future jobs will require digital skills. Each challenge presents an opportunity for young visionaries to step in, innovate, and shape a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future. Students developed a deeper understanding of complex challenges impacting local and global communities, and how to leverage emerging technologies to solve problems and create business opportunities.

The curriculum is designed to reflect the core principles of XPRIZE’s methodology, which over 29 years has spurred the innovation of game-changing technologies to help solve challenges in areas of great need. XPRIZE Connect is part of XPRIZE’s Learning and Society domain, which aspires to manifest a future in which everyone, regardless of income, race, age, identity, gender, or geography has access to learning experiences that reflect their unique capabilities. This domain has previously successfully managed and awarded competitions to develop scalable, customized learning tools to improve learning and literacy around the world.

“XPRIZE Connect is a call to action for young people everywhere to believe in their potential, harness their ingenuity, and help shape the world of tomorrow,” said Alexander Nicholas, PhD, EVP Learning and Society, XPRIZE. “Today’s 1.8 billion young people – the largest generation of youth in our history – have, with the support of new technologies and exponential thinking, the potential to drive positive change.”

The program connected next-generation innovators in Los Angeles to foster an abundance mindset and exponential thinking. Following the XPRIZE model, students were guided to design a prize concept with a compelling vision for the future, then complete a series of learning milestones and develop a pitch narrative for their prize.

The youth program was implemented across six schools and education non-profit sites that service students in need of additional resources and enrichment opportunities. Sites included AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School, Archer School, Clark Magnet, Harvard Westlake, KOLLAB Workforce Development Program, and New Roads School.

The XPRIZE Connect learning experience was developed in partnership with Friday, a social impact strategy and design studio, and delivered via Disco, the modern operating system that combines learning and community to deliver transformative and collaborative learning experiences. Disco’s Co-founder and Co-CEO Candice Faktor also serves on XPRIZE Connect’s Advisory Board.

Learn more and get involved at xprize.org/xpconnect.


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