Eli Rabani

Eli Rabani

CEO & Chief Scientist, Nanotechnology International Corporation

Eli Rabani [https://linktr.ee/radsci] is a scientist who has worked in several areas, from biotechnology (first-to-invent single-molecule DNA sequencing-by-synthesis), to advanced molecular nanotechnology (nanorobotic, manufacturing, biomedical, and space applications), to macroscale self-replicating manufacturing systems using abundant raw materials and ambient energy sources (e.g. systems for ocean carbon-dioxide removal, transformation to biomass and then to advanced materials, which will be capable of scaling to over 100 gigatons CO2 removal per year [see https://nanotech.international/OARAD/], providing enough biomass for food to feed 10 billion people, and forming the infrastructure for ocean-based cities, or other foundations for post-scarcity).

Ongoing work also includes development of multiple technologies to counteract climate disruption, restore preindustrial climate and enable large-scale rewilding while providing for the needs of a growing population to create sustainable, inclusive prosperity, as well as technologies (two forms of solar radiation management–space-based solar radiation management, and cirrus-cloud thinning, each with other co-benefits) to enable us to avoid going over tipping-points into runaway climate change before preindustrial atmospheric pCO2

levels can be restored--because it's uncertain how far we are from these tipping points, we need to develop the capability to save the natural systems we depend upon even if we were to find ourselves in the worst-case scenario. 

He is currently adapting technologies under development to address gaps in food, fertilizer and energy security caused by the invasion of Ukraine.