Dr. Cornelia Krug

Dr. Cornelia Krug

Science-Policy Liaison, URPP Global Change and Biodiversity, Universität Zürich

I’m an ecologist and zoologist by training, with a passion for outreach, communication and implementation. I studied biology because I am fascinated by the variety and beauty of life around us, and hope that the work I do contributes to protecting it.

I have worked extensively on the impacts of environmental change on ecological communities in Europe and Southern Africa, in particular the role of land use management, land use change and habitat fragmentation. 

At the science policy interface, I facilitate the synthesis and catalysis of policy-relevant biodiversity and ecosystem research, create linkages between science, policy and society and contribute to science communication activities. 

My current interests lies in finding joint solutions for the intertwined crises of biodiversity loss and climate change, benefiting biodiversity and human wellbeing.